Our New Logo!

When we hit the completion of our first official year as a business back in September, we decided that it was time for a little re-design.  Here's what we knew:  1. We wanted to get out of our own box, so hiring someone that could see our vision was a necessity rather than doing our own design work for this circumstance.  2.  We wanted something that would better represent both of us (perhaps you've noticed, but Rosey Red isn't exactly the most masculine sounding name), while maintaining a mixture of structure, whimsy, and a feeling of being free.  

Right around the same time we were exploring our options, a friend from our college days released his new website that he had designed himself, and it rocked.  Since our initial request, there have been many drafts and many conversations that followed, and with time (and much patience on Adam's part), we got there, and we are so excited to share it.

Here's the initial inspiration board I sent to Adam:

Rosey Red Inspiration Board.png

A nice blend of structure and whimsy, yes?  In the end, we ended up with this!  Introducing our new logo (in case you missed it at the top of our page!):


Are you looking  for a re-design (or initial design) for your business?  Check out Adam Brandt's work!  He's incredibly talented and is awesome to work with.  We can't sing enough praises about our own experience!

Ashley Kochanowski

Columbus, OH

We are a husband and wife photography team based in Columbus, Ohio. We love beautiful things, and the art of illustrating our vision within the context of a photograph. Our objective is to capture the moments that are meaningful to you, and to do so in a beautiful way.