Matt + Emmi // A Cincinnati Engagement Story


These two.  High School Sweethearts.  One half of a decade spent loving one another.  They wouldn't describe themselves as an overtly "touchy feely" couple, but take a moment, scroll through these photographs, and tell me you can't feel their love.  Touchy feely or not, the emotion, the spark between this couple - it's transparent once you take a moment to freeze it, to feel it, to truly take it in.

Matt + Emmi, we can hardly wait to celebrate your love as you bind it to forever in August.  What a glorious celebration it will be!


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Ashley Kochanowski

Columbus, OH

We are a husband and wife photography team based in Columbus, Ohio. We love beautiful things, and the art of illustrating our vision within the context of a photograph. Our objective is to capture the moments that are meaningful to you, and to do so in a beautiful way.