Elijah + Caitie // A Pittsburgh Engagement Story


Pittsburgh.  Oh, Pittsburgh.  We love you and your vintage industrial flair.  Oh, and as for those people that inhabit your river bordered City?  Yea, they're pretty rockin' too.

One boy and one girl.  Walking hand in hand through a hazy cloud covered city full of history and the whispers of love stories that have come and gone.  These are the moments we yearn for.  These are the moments we treasure and hold dear to our hearts.  Remembering the way she smiles with a glint of loving adoration in her eye, and the way he stood by her stoically, watching her and delighting in her joy. 


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Ashley Kochanowski

Columbus, OH

We are a husband and wife photography team based in Columbus, Ohio. We love beautiful things, and the art of illustrating our vision within the context of a photograph. Our objective is to capture the moments that are meaningful to you, and to do so in a beautiful way.