Upstate New York Backyard Wedding // Dave + Becca

The weather channel provided a list of the top 5 worst places for weather in the United States that day, and Saratoga Springs was number one on the list.  It rained, neigh, it poured, nearly all. day. long - turning an outdoor backyard ceremony into one of close quarters.  Forcing guests to snuggle close under the shelter of a tent, and huddling loved ones under umbrellas as they journeyed to shelter.  An appropriate metaphor to the love being exhibited.

The mere forecast may have been enough to throw an ordinary bride and groom into a panic, but these two - they hardly even noticed.  There was no hesitation to head outdoors for their first look, and for their portraits together.  All that mattered to them were the promises they were about to make and that they were making them to each other.  No amount of rain could take away from the excitement, or the love in their eyes - and that?  That is romance.

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