Artistic Industrial Wedding at Strongwater // Kurt + Fran

Fran & Kurt are special.  We knew it from the moment we first heard from them so thinking back to their wedding day brings on a lot of feelings.  They are gentle spirits with the kindest of souls, and ooze coolness.  I mean, they are in a freaking band together - Check out Kid Runner for some good afternoon listening, by the way.  

Spending the day with these two felt like spending time with two long lost friends.  There is a silly, pure, and deep love between them and they planned their wedding day to suit their love perfectly.  They spent the bulk of that blustery January day with one another, hopping around the city and landing at Strongwater for their commitment, family fun, light chasing, and general merriment.  It could not have been more perfectly them.


© Rosey Red Photography

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