A Windy Lakeside Port Clinton Wedding // Snapshots // Damian + Brenna

It was a quiet morning on Lake Erie.  The clouds had rolled in and a light (and sometimes not so light) drizzle had created a fog across the lake front city.  As the bride finished her hair and makeup and dashed to the car to finish getting ready for her groom, we could begin to see that things might just clear up.  

They did.

Following the ceremony - held at the same church the bride's own grandparents and parents were wed - we headed to Marblehead Peninsula for some love and laughter.  The clouds were moody and dramatic, and the lake crashed in foamy waves onto the the rocky shore.  Damian and Brenna held each other close, shielding one another from the wind and celebrating their new marriage, then it happened.  The skies cleared and the sun beamed through the trees and onto the rocks.  It was a magical moment - actual love beaming from the skies - and perfectly indicative of the joy this family and couple possess.

Enjoy this somewhat extended sneak peek.  It was too beautiful of an experience not to share these right away!


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