Into the Rabbit Hole // Marriage



To paraphrase an eloquently thought out sentiment by the friend below: Marriage is not linear. It is more than love. It is a constant. It is a battle. It is challenging and pushes us to find comfort in the uncomfortable. We are a speck of dust moving millions of miles an hour through vast empty space. We manifest our destiny with someone extraordinary, bit also someone human. We keep moving.

I know it sounds silly coming from a couple of wedding photographers, but we are really, truly, deeply, all the way up to our ears, passionate about marriage. We’ve fought through our 9 years to stay united. To honor our commitment. If we’re being real here, and obviously we are, there have been more than one occasion in which one or both of us has wanted to call it quits. With the ebb and flow of life, we have held each other up. We’ve held each other to the standard we committed to nearly 9 years ago. We think that deserves to be celebrated. Celebrated beyond the wedding day.

The photo story you see in the video below, is us. It’s us manifesting our feelings about our own marriage through the means of two dear friends. It’s something we want to create for other marriages. To celebrate the triumphs. The hardships. The fact that this shit is hard most days and divine some. If that’s something you would like to celebrate with us, reach out. Let’s set up a session. It won’t look just like ours, because it will be yours. To work out what you need to work out. Share what you need to share. Acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged. Let’s get in touch.

Until then, make sure your volume is up, click that little play button, maybe even get real crazy and full size that ish, and let us share with you, a piece of us.


Let’s make some heirloom art together. We’re just sitting here on the other side of the internet waiting for you. Reach out.