It's been nearly a year.  325 days, 7,800 hours, 468,000 minutes, and 28,080,000 seconds.  325 days since we embarked on the kind of journey that changes a life.  A journey meant to experience, and feel.  A quest designed to unite and admire.  This is Part I of a 3 part series dedicated to that trip.  Them, us, and our stash of film.  

This one is about them.  Our travel companions, best friends, and artistic muses. We learned more about love by spending a month on the road camping, hiking, and adventuring with Brea and Alex. We hope you feel their love in the same kind of way as you get to know them through these images.  


Cape Kiwanda.gif

Let's adventure together!  Engaged? Married and renewing your vow? Eloping? Send us a note.  We would love to tell your story.


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