We’re kind of quirky, but kind of normal.  We’re kind of adventurous, but we’re also kind of homebodies.  We love a good pun, but we also crave to feed our souls with the profound. We fell in love and got married straight out of college before we really knew what love was or what we wanted from this earthly life. We’re still doing the love thing 7 years later and it’s transformed into something much bigger and greater - and now also includes a baby and a dog child.

Love is all the contradictory feelings.  Love is the I don’t want to’s and the but I will’s. It’s the I don’t always like you but I always love you’s. It is the daily giving up of "your" life for the "our" life.  Love is what brought us here when one of us decided photography seemed like a good idea and and the other grabbed her hand and jumped. 

Our logo was designed with these contradictory feelings in mind.  Some people see a heart, others see a diamond, others still see a simple culmination of graphics simply meant to please the eye.  When it comes down to it, it’s a bunch of pieces, each worn a little bit around the edges that, when they come together, make people feel in their own way - much like the art of photography. 

RR Heart Dissection.png


We use light to focus in on the human connection and its pieces. Connection with surroundings, connection between two people, and the connection that’s formed through years of growing with a subset of humans. Connection drives our hearts, and it is important to us that you feel a certain level of kinship with us, too. Developing a relationship with your photographer leads to honest imagery that feels like you.  We hope to have the opportunity to get to know you and make some beautiful art of you that speaks to your spirit!

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We are wedding photographers based in Columbus, Ohio with huge hearts for travel.  

 Let's go adventuring around this awesome earth, together! 


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