Word on the street is, you’re in love, which means we already have something in common and can fast forward through at least a little bit of the “hi, we have 2 kids and a dog child and use coffee as a survival tool” type small talk to get to the deeper things of life - because guys? We’re just a couple of romantics over here who get a little over excited watching people share their most pivotal life moments with their people.

Since we’ve already prepared you with the facts (meaning, we’re a couple of sappy love nuts), we might as well just get into the ish.  We’ve been doing this marriage thing for 8 years, and watching others do it (you know, as a career type thing) for 5, so here’s what we’ve learned about the whole love business. Maybe you can relate.

Love is all the contradictory feelings.  It’s the I don’t want to’s but I will’s. The I don’t like you so much right now, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll always love you’s. The “sure, you can totally have the window seat” even though the middle seat is the worst.

Love is the daily giving up of “your” life for the “our life.”

RR Heart Dissection.png


That little logo you’ve seen popping around our website was designed with these contradictory feelings in mind.  Some people immediately start relating it to what we do (which is wedding photography, in case you’ve been blindly clicking around and weren’t sure), so they see a heart, or diamond.  Others see a simple culmination of graphics simply meant to please the eye.  When it comes down to it. That’s exactly what we want. A whole bunch of pieces, each worn a little bit around the edges that, when they come together, make people feel in their own way.  That’s the art of photography. That’s the art of storytelling.