We once called this our investment page and it didn’t always go over well.  Why, you ask? We’re pretty sure that was you whispering – but whyyyyyy, right? Well, investment makes it sound a little like it’s going to cost you one arm, one leg, AND your future child’s college tuition.  So, though we wholeheartedly believe your photography IS an investment, it’s for entirely different reasons than the simple money dollar signs the word flashes before your eyes. 

Oh, you want to know what makes it an investment from our perspective?  Well, OF COURSE we’ll tell you.  Just let us get our soapboxes out. 

As one father of the bride put it, “I did not think it was humanly possible to relive the preciousness of that evening.  I was wrong. You’ve made it live forever.” So, screw storytellers, we’re basically immortalizers.

Too far?  Maybe.  But in all reality, you’re hiring real live human people (hopefully ones that you actually like), to write your love song for you.  It’s the song that never ends.  And we’re not talking about closing to the 90’s kids television show lambchop, though that’s probably stuck in your head for eternity.  We’re talking the kind of song that ebbs and flows, and just when you think it’s finished, it goes on.  As life evolves, so does the way you see your love story, and the people that are a part of it.  That seems to be a pretty worthwhile investment if you ask us.


But how do you do the coverage thing?

Do we have hourly packages?  Heck yes we do!  Once upon a time we offered all day coverage, but then we graduated from being new photographers to seasoned ones.  We’ve found that some weddings require much less time than others because we know what to look for and have mastered the skill of anticipating when the meaningful, meaty good stuff is about to transpire.  






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