Colin + Jessica // A Columbus Wedding Sneak Peek


One day, a whole lot of sunshine, a little bit of wind (a lotta bit of wind), and two people who just wanted to be married.  The second day of spring does not always bring warm temperatures and sunshine in Ohio, but March gifted Colin + Jessica with a little bit of magic for their wedding day.  A well-deserved gift.

Jessica and I go way back to the days of braces, un-tamed hair and first crushes, also known as - Middle School.  We used to spend our time together jumping on trampolines and whispering about our crushes at slumber parties.  You know, typical thirteen year old girl activities. Now, with a few years in between, it was so special for me to be a part of her day as she celebrated a long anticipated marriage to her high school sweetheart.  She's just as sweet as ever, and to be present while she twirled around in her fluffy dress of ivory colored tulle with the love of her life was truly an honor.  

Enjoy this quick little glimpse into the day this exceptional couple became husband and wife.


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